Amazing Update Thanks to All of You!

Amazing Update Thanks to All of You!

Hey all, Angel from Helheim Designs bringing some new information we think all current and new customers will enjoy reading. As the people following either our Instagram or our Reddit, you may have seen that we are now shipping Internationally. Our International shipping is currently set to a flat rate of $44, but we do hope to lower that cost with the growth of our company.

In addition, to international shipping through our website we are currently in talks with other vendors so that shipping costs can be lowered. Our current proxy is AlphaKeys, with more to come stay tuned!

We have also released four Desk Mats that all have original artwork from me, Angel Medina. For our most exciting news for this post however, we have great news for everyone who is interested in Baldr. First off, we did not expect to sell as many cases as we did in as little time as we did, and for that, we thank all that have supported us. Second, we have figured out that our cost per case at this volume has allowed us to lower our overall price. We have calculated our costs for our Low-Iron Glass Case, Baldr, and have decided to reduce our price from $200 USD to $155 USD.

What does this mean for current customers who have already purchased?

With this exciting news, we will also be sending out partial refunds to all of you that supported us at $200. We hope you guys enjoy our decision and are excited for the other projects we have to bring all of you.

As always, we hope you have a great day!