Unexpected Update

Hey everyone, Angel from Helheim Designs bringing you an unexpected update for our Baldr60 and all four of our Deskmats. Due to a combination of both shipping ports being backed up, and rolling blackouts on our factory, we are unfortunately now expected to ship in December of 2021 instead of October/November. This was a problem that was out of our control unfortunately, and we are sorry to bring this disappointing news to all of you. We are going to get our products out as soon as we can, and will continue to update you on our Instagram, Discord, and blog on our website. Feel free to email us or message us on our discord server for any questions or concerns. If you need to change your shipping address, we can still do that until we ship our orders. Again, we are sorry, and we thank all of you that have continued to support us through our endeavor.

Thank you all,
Helheim Designs