Freja65 Mounting Rivets Installation Guide

For the Freja65, we decided to make them friction fitted with rivets that go on the underside of the PCB that will prevent them from bottoming out. The installation of these will be very easy for the full production run, however, on the Prototypes that streamers are going to be building, the holes are slightly too big for the rivets to fit how we originally planned. Luckily, you can still mount the rivets onto the PCB and the whole build will work exactly the same. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install these rivets properly.


There are 6 Holes where you will be placing rivets on the Freja65 PCB:

To properly place the rivet into the PCB, you will need to do pull on the top of the rivet, while also twisting the base into it:

When installed correctly, the rivet will fit snug and will not move:

The bottom side of the rivet will be flush to the bottom of the PCB once installed correctly:


And just like that, you did it!! You're all done with installing all necessary mounting rivets so the PCB will not bottom out. Enjoy your Freja65, and thank you for building :)